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IMG_0715fixThe Career Collective (formerly Career Credo) was established by Brittany King in 2016 following a career in human resources. Brittany has worked as a Senior Recruiter and Hiring Manager for companies across the US and Canada. On a personal level, Brittany has experienced the rewards and challenges of dealing with career transitions. She is well versed in the challenges encountered by jobseekers as they seek to find work they enjoy. Brittany specializes in working with 20 and 30 somethings on finding meaningful work.

Brittany first became involved with coaching those in career transition in 2010 as she began to receive question after question about navigating the job search process. Brittany has found that her strength is in helping jobseekers identify their strengths, passions, and natural talents. She assists clients in every aspect of career exploration and job search from self-assessment, job market and entrepreneurship research, resume and cover letter preparation to successful networking, interviewing and negotiation techniques.

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